Supporting EAs, PAs & Admin Professionals

As EAs, PAs and Admin Professionals, our roles are highly specialised but often underestimated.

While your family and friends might picture you plugging away at Excel spreadsheets, laughing with colleagues around the photocopier, or even cruising down to your local café for the twice-daily coffee run, most people have no idea what your job really entails.

The truth is you’re often juggling two million tasks, managing a workload that’s bigger than your boss and making minor miracles happen while trying not to break a sweat – and that’s on a quiet day!

Well now thanks to Connect EA you can find the right suppliers, products, services and contacts all in one destination - designed to save you time, money and takes away the hassle. Even if you are not sure what suppliers to find, our Concierge service can do it for you - all at the click of a button, or the touch of a screen.

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