Connect EA - The Best Tech for EA’s

April 25, 2021
Connect EA - The Best Tech for EA’s

The rise of new and intuitive technology over the last decade - even just the last five years - has been truly extraordinary. For many of us who have worked as EAs for a while now, we’ve seen software and communication tools expand to streamline a lot of traditional processes and overall change the way we do our jobs. Especially for the old heads, this can seem intimidating - and rightfully so. It’s confronting to feel like much of the work you are experienced in doing is being automated, but this is a fear based far more on myth than reality. The good news is, new tech doesn’t replace a good EA; rather, it supplements their ability to do their job efficiently while maintaining a high quality of work. All the tech in the world won’t be able to replace a human touch and oversight, but it can certainly uplevel your ability to project manage and free you up from the more tedious responsibilities of your role.

Email management

Managing multiple inboxes is all in a day’s work for an EA - but sorting through and filing, prioritising, and responding to each one can be draining and leave you feeling like you haven’t made a dent in an endless sea of emails. Where did that hour go?! At ConnectEA, we’re huge fans of Steuart Snooks at E-Mastery who is an expert in helping you strategically manage your emails.

Productivity tools

Productivity tools seem to be everywhere, from Asana and Evernote, to Trello and Toggl. There’s an overwhelming amount of options, but don’t be fooled into thinking you need to use all of them. Our advice? Pick one tool to start off with and see how it fares in terms of best suiting your needs. Once you’re able to find one that works for you and you feel is actually helping you to stay on top of your to do list, put the feelers out for a secondary, complementary tool. It’s not always necessary, but it’s true that some tools will work better in conjunction with others, depending on the responsibilities of your role.

Virtual Assistant Software

Virtual Assistant software is where many EAs begin to feel uneasy, as though these programs may begin to replace us in the workplace. On the contrary, they can cut the time spent on more tedious tasks like researching best service providers - take ConnectEA for instance. As a database of approved resources and suppliers for EAs, you can rest easy knowing that all the vetting has been done for you - letting you get on with the more important tasks in your role. You can also check out Delegate Connect, an all-in-one platform for virtual events that will look after the entire online event delivery process. Who said that organisation had to be so time-consuming?

Chrome extensions

One of the most seamless ways to integrate helpful tech into your responsibilities as an EA would have to be including all the best Chrome extensions. From Loom which allows you to screen record your window and create reviews or instructional videos for your colleagues, to Honey which finds the best coupons for your UberEats lunch, these handy tools will make your job so much easier that you’ll wonder what life was like before them.

Overall, the options are limitless when it comes to finding new tech, but it’s about finding the ones that can best assist you to streamline the processes you find most menial, labour-intensive and time-consuming. Of course, it’s important to remember to stay safe and encrypt sensitive information when so much of the work we do is digital. You can also check out some of our service providers, like Kaine Mathrick Tech or Care MIT, if you want to upgrade your e-security for extra protection.