Stay organised and remove clutter

August 24, 2020
Stay organised and remove clutter

Personal and Executive Assistants (well…any assistant really) knows too well that to do lists and notes are either on the notepad or post-it-note in front of them scattered all over the desk. It gets messy, cluttered and although the ultimate goal is to be organised, its actually very unorganised.

Keeping up with technology, you make the decision to go online with your notes and tasks. But which software is best for you? If you Google ‘to do list’, for example, you’ll be inundated with apps that can help solve the problem. But when here are so many, which one do you choose?

Here’s a quick run down of my top 3 tools to help you stay organised.

Asana Tag Line: Asana is the easiest way for teams to plan, organize, and track their work.

Working with teams can be difficult if you’re relying on others to get back to you with updates. Using Asana, you can add a task, make someone accountable for it and get instant updates when the task is done. With the ability to create projects and teams, you can set due dates, request updates and get real time alerts. Asana makes working with a team very simple and productive. Asana is my top pick for anyone looking to move their To Do List from desk to device.

IDoneThis Tag Line: I Done This helps track your own progress, understand what your team is working on and stay in sync.

If you work for someone who is constantly travelling or hard to catch, or in a team with members in different locations, IDoneThis is a great tool to keep everyone updated. At the end of your day, you simply add what you completed or what you’ve been working on and the recipient(s) will be updated with your progress. IDoneThis is my top pick for summarising my progress of work to my team per day.

Microsoft OneNote Tag Line: Capture your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas and simplify overwhelming planning moments in your life with your very own digital notebook.

For anyone who uses a notebook, MS OneNote is exactly that, only online. You can share it with your team or just use it for yourself. Whichever you prefer its great for keeping all your notes in the one place. You can create books for different workplaces or projects and then create pages within the books. Some companies use it to house their workplace passwords (of course doing this you must secure the page) and others use it for the different people they work for. MS OneNote is my top pick for keeping your notes in the one place and sharing if need be.

So there you have it. Those are my top picks. What are yours?